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"My life story" by Buford P. Fuddwhacker - Chapter 3


My Story by Buford P. Fuddwhacker

Chapter 3

I dont know whut happened ta me, but it was right then, in 1968 that I traded my M-16 for a headband an went off ta San Francisco ta put some flowers in my hair.

I kep on truckin around thru hate-ashberry til one day, sittin under a tree I wuz struck by a white light an everthing became clear! After that I was known as Baba Ram Buford. In 1971 I went on to Big Sur Californya ta start the Fuddwhacker School of Medytation. It was a hit, an soon I developed a huge followin of "Fuddies" based on my teachins of peace, love an a few harmless practical jokes. My squirtin bowkay of flowers was real popular among the more enlightened hippies. Amung my followers was some rock n roll musicians from some band called the grateful airplane or some-such thing. Anyhow they got me inersted in the music sceen an soon I was a rock n roll star.

I played lead fiddle fer Jimmy Hendricks an backup tambourine fer The Hoo, an hepped em both set there gitars afire at the Woodstock festeeval. The lights, the screemin wimmen an the life of a superstar was all new fer a farm boy from Claypool, but I kinda liked it. I did the road show thing fer about 10 years all the way thru the 70s.


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