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Experyence yer fondest fantasy: Versatile Reality!


Yer fondest fantasy...

Yew say, "Buford... how kin I experyence MY fondest fantasy? Jest buy one a my Sens-O-Phones and dial us up! First, we got somethin fer yew single folks... yew know who yew are.

I was single a few times myself, and if yer like me reality on a Saturdee nite was pritty dismal! Yew fellers sit home with the toob watch other fellers with great lookin dates and yew got nobody... Yew gals wait fer some feller to call fer a date and the phone never rings...But now yew kin grab yer Sens-O-Phone and dial 1-800-Sens-O-Date... It dont matter what he or she looks like in reality, cawse yew're experyencin yer fondest fantasy and yew dont have so have a car or pay fer dinner!

If yew're marryd reality's even wurst (I kin speek from experyence)! When I was a courtin Raylene, she said, "Buford, if yew'll marry me I'll fix yew a feast fit fer a king ever nite!" I signed the contract, and I aint never yet seed the furst feast.

My reality's more like this... cold fast food ever nite. Beleeve yew me, it aint a purty pichure, and its a fer cry from whut was promised me afore the weddin. Anyhow, if this is yer reality at mealtime, dont fret none... jest dial 1-800-Sens-O-Meal... yew may be chowin down the same cold fastfood, but yew'll be experyencin the Versatile Reality feast that wuz apromist yew!

Well, anyhow, that's my invention... it's all abowt heppin folks vishalize whut they want and then makin it happen! But yew dont need no Sens-O-Phone to do that!

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