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"My life story" by Buford P. Fuddwhacker - Chapter 2


My Story by Buford P. Fuddwhacker

Chapter 2

Ole uncle Thacker came to my rescue. He bailed me out and then marched me down to the Navy recruiter and signed me up. I'd always ben intreeged by the call of the sea, an there was a ole sayin' by a famous sailor I never fergot: "I yam whut I yam an thats all that I yam." Whut inspiration!

My favorite passtime in the Navy was plantin a big plastic slab of phony upchuck next to my feet an pertendin to be seasick. It wuz amazin how the power of suggestion eevoked such a response. It was then that I knew I had a great future in behavioral sychology.

Through my Navy Seel trainin, I earned my white belt in Kerottie, and to this day, my hands are registered as lethal weppons with the FBI, CIA an the Claypool Police Departmint.

In 1970 I said goodbye ta all my sailor buddies an went off ta become a soldier of fortune. Adventure an danger were in my blood an I jest had ta foller my dreams. But then one day I heared this beetle song on the radio... "All yew need is LOVE."


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