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"My life story" by Buford P. Fuddwhacker


Well, I suppose yew may be a wonderin where ole Buford come from and how he got to be the piller of success he is today...

My Story by Buford P. Fuddwhacker

Chapter 1

I was born on a small midwestern farm in Claypool Indiana in 1951. Growin' up, I was the most popular guy at Claypool High. I remember when my uncle Thacker Fuddwhacker bought me my first pair of mail-order X-Ray Specs. It was never the same fer me after that. Sure, it was great bein able to look right thru a girl's dress, but it was the teknolergy that got me. I knew I had to go on to be a great inventer.

But woodnt yew know it, I fell in with a bad crowd an started smokin cigarettes out behind the barn. Before long folks started callin me a hoodlam. Then came the darkest day of my young life... I was arrested fer cow tippin.

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