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Dear Roger,

Thanks for your participation in our sales meetings over the past two years. Of all the things we do at the meetings, the sales training sessions given by Buford are the most anticipated. Each year our returning sales people talk it up so much that our new reps really look forward to it. Though some of them think they know what to expect, they are always blown away.

I've participated in sales meetings since 1980 and have seen quite a number of speakers. The problem with most of them is they never say anything new. They tend to preach the same old message; "make lots of calls and know your product," etc. Most sales reps don't respond well to being told what they already know.

Buford, on the other hand, offers a very refreshing and different point of view on everything. The combination of costume and character sets the tone and gets everyone's attention (this is typically the only Standing Room Only session we have!). I've heard many comments from our reps that Buford is more than just comic relief. Buford's "products" and inventions are so creatively presented that I think our reps realize how boring a real sales presentation can be. As you know, the delivery of a sales presentation is as important as the content.

I hope you can join us again in Palm Springs and "lay the word" according to Buford on us. If you keep this up Buford may get to go to the orthodontist and get his teeth fixed one day. Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Gary Smith
Corporate Vice President of Sales
Syntellect Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona



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