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"Buford P. Fuddwhacker's the best durn speaker ever!"

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But don't take Buford's word for it.
Read these comments from a few of his clients:

the best motivational presentationRJReynolds

It was by far the best motivational presentation I have ever witnessed.


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"You provided just the right mix of information, participation, activity, fun, and just plain 'down home' applicability... just the leadership program that we were looking for."


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stirred emotions, invoked laughter"The Communication Warp" and "Four Step Formula" stirred emotions, invoked laughter...

We, as the organizers of this event, want to thank you personally for making us look so good!

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Not only did Buford operate with outstanding material; he really connected to his audience. He will make your once boring sales meeting into a fun and educational experience!

a fun and educational experience






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We collected critiques from the attendees and here are some of the comments made about you:

outstanding, absolutely great

"Best of the Workshop."
"Absolutely Great!"
"Very Unique"
"Terrific speaker!"
"Buford was hysterical!"
"Wonderful and entertaining!"

Air Force Reserve Command
Robins Air Force Base

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We found your style refreshing, educational and enjoyable... The combination of Buford's 'down home' fundamentals with Roger's team building exercises is still the talk of the hallways.

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someplace(s) different

absolutely outstanding jobRoger Reece and his character, a.k.a. Buford P. Fuddwhacker, did an absolutely outstanding job for us...

From my experience, I can say that no speaker that I have ever used has been as well received or as effective...

I would recommend Fuddwhacker Consulting, without any hesitation, to participate in your next meeting.

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entertaining sales meeting

...one of our most entertaining sales meetings yet.

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Buford's the most anticipated in our sales meetingssyntellect

Thanks for your participation in our sales meetings over the past two years. Of all the things we do at the meetings, the sales training sessions given by Buford are the most anticipated.

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Buford Fuddwhacker, motivational speaker

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