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team building seminarWhen people work effectively as teams, everyone wins

When they don't, the losses start piling up.

Every individual is a member of one or more teams, both on the job and outside the workplace. Effective teamwork requires trust, loyalty, common goals, good communications and the desire to work together for the common good of the team. Effective teamwork also requires recognition of the need to work with groups and individuals outside the team.

When teams function well, organizations are productive and team spirit is in the air. When they are dysfunctional, quality and productivity decline, and people lose their inspiration.

Do team building programs work?

A one-day program won't transform dysfunctional workgroups over night. But once you see the value of teamwork, making a conscious and consistent effort to build it within your organization pays off extremely well over time.

Hosting quarterly team building programs is a great way to show your people you care about them, and lets them know what you value.

team building with Buford

discussing win-win strategies

teamwork is not an option

team spiritTeam building, Fuddwhacker style

Any good team building program needs to be fun. And creating an atmosphere of fun and enthusiasm is Buford's specialty. He kicks his programs off with comedy, karaoke and kazoos, and gets the whole group dancing in the aisles.

But Buford also brings real substance to his programs. He teaches the philosophy and benefits of teamwork and engages the group in exercises designed to create awareness and changes in behavior.

Games and activities

Buford uses creative and challenging games and activities to get everyone to experience group dynamics. Sometimes participants really support the goals of the group, and at other times they find themselves actually sabotaging group objectives in by striving for a personal win. Team members experience their own strengths, weaknesses and team behaviors in the context of our game simulations.

After each exercise, Buford roots out the issues by roving through the group with his microphone. In his humorous way, he encourages group members to share what they experienced during the game. The result is self-discovery, new insights and experiential learning.

Team building, training and motivational speaking

Buford does all three, but the primary focus is to bring people together and help them to function more effectively as workgroups.

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Check out Buford P. Fuddwhacker's training programs, and seminars for more ideas on how you can build teamwork, morale and positive attitudes within your organization.


working togetherGo, team go!

Get started today. Meet with your people informally to find out what they think about the effectiveness of teamwork in their groups and in the entire organization.

Team building is a top priority!
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