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Good sales people deserve good sales meetings!

And putting a good monthly, quarterly or annual sales meeting together isn't always easy. You want to pack as much into the meeting as possible. You also want to minimize the length of the meeting because every hour your sales people are in the meeting, they aren't making sales and that means money. So you end up with a half-day, full-day, two-day or even three-day meeting that dumps a ton of facts on them, but sends them into information overload... and maybe even bores them to tears.

So if you're thinking about the agenda for your next sales meeting...


"Make this'un the best durn sales meetin ever!"

Buford will liven up any sales meetingMake Buford P. Fuddwhacker your keynote speaker and watch him crank up the attitude and enthusiasm levels! Buford enters the room, tattered briefcase in hand, and and proceeds to turn your meeting into a knee-slappin, singin and dancin down-home sell-abration that will kick your sales meeting into high gear. He'll deliver down-home comedy, motivation, creativity and a truck-load of fun that will energize your whole sales meeting, making it "the best durn sales meetin ever!"

make your next sales meeting fun and entertainingBuford livens up sales meetings with country humor

Add some Fuddwhacker Fun to your agenda
Buford speaks on a wide range of sales themes, including:

Buford gives out Fuddwhacker sales awardsYou can kick off the meeting off with a one-hour sales keynote and bring Buford back in for 20-minute comic relief spots between training and breakout sessions throughout your sales meeting. Or if you want more sales training substance, add a Fuddwhacker sales seminar to the program.

Buford onstage with sales meeting participantSales superstars on center stage

Sales people love to be superstars and Buford is ready to accomodate. He brings "volunteers" from the audience up on stage and involves them in tongue-in-cheek sales role play, hilarious demonstrations and karaoke songs written by Buford about your company and competitors.

Buford says "git out and sell!"

Buford's Sales Meetings

Group interaction

Buford gets everyone out of their seat, participating and interacting with fun and creative exercises designed to stimulate new ideas.

Plain old fun

Buford P. Fuddwhacker' sales meetings are motivational, educational, transformational and just plain old fun. Contact Buford today to get him on the agenda for your next sales meeting or sales incentive trip.

Every Fuddwhacker program is great motivation for your sales force.
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Buford's motivational sales keynotes bring enthusiasmeveryone joins in the fun Buford speaks out on sales and selling skillsBuford's sales keynotes are a great way to open a sales meetingBuford teaches his sales techniquesA Fuddwhacker sales keynote is a great way to close a sales meeting
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