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Think of us as a motivational
nerd pack

If you jam pens in your pocket without a pocket protector (nerd pack), you may end up with an ink leak on your shirt.

If you jam too much information into a meeting without the right amounts of:

Motivational insights

...your audience may suffer from a bad case of BRAIN LEAK!

People are more productive
and retain more information
when they're motivated and having fun.

Fuddwhacker Consulting is dedicated to bringing humor, enthusiasm, motivation, inspiration and fun to any place where people work together.

People are an essential ingredient to the success of any business or organization. People generate ideas, execute strategy and carry out day-to-day operations. We call them "human resources," which they are, but all too often the focus is on the resource while the human is neglected. At Fuddwhacker Consulting, we focus on the human aspect of business.

Keynotes, Seminars, Training and Team-Building

Buford P. Fuddwhacker is our flag-waving mascot. He approaches life, business and personal achievement with great enthusiasm and simplicity, and sees great truths in the simple things of life. His unique motivational speaking style brings down-home humor and inspirational insights into meetings, conferences and seminars. He delivers serious teaching from the viewpoint of a backwoods geek, and challenges his audiences while showing them how to laugh at themselves.

In programs over an hour in length, Buford often "morphs" into his alter-ego, Roger Reece for more serious training and team-building exercises. The net effect is an effective balance between entertainment and learning that feeds the human and expands the resource. The Buford-Roger team is a great motivational "nerd pack" that never fails to energize any meeting or conference, while insuring against information overload.

A Fuddwhacker keynote is the perfect way to begin or end a long business meeting. The effect of the keynote is greatly enhanced by adding a mini-seminar or team-building session to your conference agenda. If you're looking for a way to train and motivate your people, a seminar, training program or team-building session can be customized to fit your needs.

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