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Motivational trainer, Buford P. FuddwhackerBuford tackles the great training challenge

One of the greatest challenges for trainers occurs when they encounter people who think they already know the subject matter. And with subjects such as interpersonal communications, time management, stress management, balanced living, customer service and selling skills people often think they've already arrived.

Training programs that really workThe fact is, learning subjects like these is a deepening process. You begin by learning a concept and establishing a framework for understanding. Then as you look, visualize, listen, feel, and experience, your framework is filled in with deeper and deeper understanding. The more your understanding deepens, the more your behavior changes as a result.

Buford P. Fuddwhacker has his own formula for tackling this great training challenge. It involves comedy and kazoos, singing and dancing, and enthusiastic delivery of "old" information in a new way. His training formula also includes group interaction and exercises, designed to help people discover and learn through their own exploration. Buford has distilled his formula down to a four-step process.

Fuddwhacker's four-step training formula:

  • Make the entire learning experience fun and entertaining
  • Present the training from a different and humorous point of view
  • Draw on the knowledge and experience of the "trainees"
  • Involve every participant in group interaction and self-examination
Motivational trainers like Buford are hard to  find

A Trainer with a Difference

training can be funBuford looks different, talks different, acts different, thinks different. He makes people laugh. He brings people to the front of the room and gets them to join him in karaoke songs, wild demonstrations and role play. He teaches with off-the-wall stories and analogies and walks through the group asking questions. He puts people in pairs and groups and gives them exercises, causing them to interact, stretch their imaginations and test new ideas. Everyone participates in the learning experience and has fun in the process.

interactive learning experience

Fuddwhacker Training Programs

Buford's programs can be structured as motivational and team building sessions, or as training classes. While many elements in both types of programs are the same, the training classes include more focused training and information, expanded use of workbooks and excercises and an emphasis on tools and skills.

Customized to meet your needs

No two Fuddwhacker training programs are alike, because every group has different training needs. Fuddwhacker Consulting spends the necessary time up front, gathering information, interviewing your key people and doing research in order to develop a program to effectively meet your needs.

Your people are your greatest resource

The investments you make in providing them with fun and challenging interaction and good motivational training will pay off a hundred fold. Contact Buford today and let's schedule a Fuddwhacker training program.

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