Interpersonal communication skills seminar:
"Emerging from the Communication Warp"
Managing conflict in the workplace

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The Communication Warp

Buford's seminar on interpersonal communicationsIn today's fast-paced world we often find ourselves in stressful situations. Add miscommunication and conflict to an already stressful situation and the results can be devastating to relationships, teamwork, productivity and our sense of well-being.

The Communication Warp is that place we sometimes find ourselves in, where the situation seems out of control and we are caught in the middle of the chaos and conflict. Our perceptions of what is happening and what others are thinking can get distorted, and our interactions with others are often damaging. Our relationships with the ones we hold closest to us can escalate into hostility, anger, hurt and resentment. The work environment can become a battleground where low morale and hidden agendas can give way to subtle and overt sabotage.

In this interactive seminar, we examine the key components of communication; perception and interaction. We look at our perceptual lenses of subjectivity, the stories we tell ourselves and others, and our failures to communicate. In the process, we will learn how to become more effective communicators in our personal lives and at work... and how to emerge from the Communication Warp.

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Buford Fuddwhacker, motivational speaker - seminar on communicationsBuford P. Fuddwhacker & Roger Reece

Buford conducts the first half of the seminar, using his down-home comedy, on-stage antics, music, singing and story telling to set the stage for understanding the dynamics of effective communication vs. poor communication.

Every member of the audience gets involved in the fun, and in the learning process as Buford draws them out and involves them in activities and exercises involving communication and miscommunication.

He closes the first half of the seminar by unmasking himself and revealing his true self, Roger Reece, presenting the opportunity for Roger to discuss our use of masks and disguises to protect ourselves in communications.

Roger Reece, motivational speaker, speaks on communicationsRoger conducts the second half of the seminar, drawing on and deepening all the concepts Buford introduced in the first half. The seminar workbook is used to help participants understand how elements of the communication warp are at work in their lives. The combination of individual study, group interaction and Roger's teaching provide an effective learning experience.

interacting in communications seminarBoth Roger and Buford utilize communication dyads throughout the seminar. In these exercises, two people interact in order to better understand how they communicate and how they might improve their interpersonal communications.

Group exercises are used to expand the exploration and learning process to experience group communication dynamics.

A fun, challenging, entertaining, practical learning experience

The combination of Buford's off-beat, crazy humor and Roger's clear effective teaching style make this seminar a rare combination of fun and practical education. Emerging From the Communication Warp can be structured for large or small groups as a half-day or full-day seminar.

great seminar for team building

Who can benefit from this seminar? Anyone who communicates and has relationships. Whether you make this a stand alone seminar or integrate into a larger conference or multi-day meeting, Emerging From the Communication Warp will challenge your people and become a catalyst for positive change within each individual and the group as a whole.


Emerge from the Communication Warp

We often take our ability to communicate for granted. We use various forms of verbal and non-verbal communications in nearly everything we do, and we generally give little thought to the process. Communication is, however, both an art and a science, and requires our full attention and consideration if we are to use it skillfully.

The fact is that the majority of the problems and conflicts we experience in our personal lives and at work stem from our failure to communicate well. Each of us lives in a very subjective world of individual perception. Every individual sees the world through a lens of subjectivity, and filters all input through that lens. In our interaction with others, we tend to assume that our words and actions are understood as we intended them. Unfortunately it just doesn't work out that way. We misinterpret and are misunderstood and don't usually realize it until conflict arises.

This seminar provides tools and techniques that can be used at both on and off the job to avoid the communication warp and communicate effectively in order to improve the quality of relationships.

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