Time Management Seminar:
"Emerging from the Time Warp"

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Buford Fuddwhacker, motivational speaker, speaks on time managementAre

Is leisure time slowly disappearing from your life, as an endless procession of tasks and activities on your "to do" list fill every available time slot? Does the feeling that there's something you should be doing crowd itself into every moment of inactivity? Do you find yourself in constant battle with the growing number of emails and stacks of paper on your desk?

For most of us, time has become a scarce and valuable commodity that keeps us under pressure. If it's true that you give your time to the things you value most, then it should be easy to make a few observations and quickly discover what we believe to be important at work and in our personal lives. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to get totally absorbed in the vast volume and urgent demands of some of the least valuable things in life.

The result? We find ourselves in a Time Warp that prevents us from spending our valuable time working on the strategically important projects and activities at work and in life as a whole.

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It's about time!

Buford P. Fuddwhacker tackles time and space head-on in the fun and entertaining, interactive learning experience, Emerging from the Time Warp. Grab your kazoo, get up and dance because Buford's gonna get this party started! It's down-home humor and high-energy motivation, Buford-style.

Look out Einstein, because Buford has his own theories of relativity, quantum physics and the time-space continuum. He brings it all down to maintaining space and staying in touch with the things of highest value at work and in life in general.

motivation, enthusiasm in Buford's time management seminarEveryone gets into the act

Buford makes everybody work in this workshop, as he involves the whole audience in his exploration of time and space. "Volunteers" are called on stage to help with comical demonstrations, illustrating Buford's concepts and ideas. "Guinea Pigs" are called on to experiment with Buford's wacky time-saving inventions. It all adds up to fast-paced fun and a learning experience in the process.

Motivational seminar on time management by Buford FuddwhackerHaving the time of your life

Where do you invest your time? What do you want out of life? How would your life change if you discovered you had only one year to live? After you're gone, what do you hope people will say was your greatest accomplishment?

Buford asks important questions as part of his on-stage escopades. Individual and group exercises are used to draw people out and get them to look at their lives and daily routines in a fresh new way.

In the process, Buford offers practical tools for efficient and effective time management. Finally, he wraps up the first half of the seminar by removing his buck teeth, glasses and hat to introduce Roger Reece, the speaker and facilitator for the second half.

Roger Reece, motivational speaker, speaks on time managementChanging old habits

Roger expands on Buford's teachings and focuses on understanding and changing daily habits of time utilization. He uses seminar workbooks and group exercises to help participants develop new plans and programs for work and personal time management.

time management workshop

Roger's clear and dynamic teaching style, coupled with his use of audience interaction and interesting learning exercises make Emerging from the Time Warp a truly valuable and useful learning experience.

time management tools in Buford's time management seminar

Avoid the snare of the trivial

Learn to spot and escape from the suffocating volume of trivial pursuits at work and at home.

Free yourself from the tyranny of the urgent

Urgent tasks and activities often appear all-important and demand your attention. Learn to effectively differentiate between urgency and importance

Live your life in the realm of results

motivated and time-efficient Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Emerging from the Time Warp is a great way to begin the process of re-building your relationship with time and getting the results you want out of your work and your personal life.

Seminars and Workshops

The half-day or full-day version of the seminar, Emerging from the time Warp is a great addition to any conference, meeting or training program.

Looking for a shorter time management program? Check out Bufords keynote, Let Ever Minit Count.

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