Sales Training Seminar:
"Build Relationships
and the Sales Will Come"

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Building sales relationships

Every sales person must develop strong selling skills such as prospecting, selling benefits, handling objections and closing in order to be successful. But just as important is the skill of relationship-building. Relationships are the key to effective networking and and the only consistent way to ensure repeat business and rock-solid referrals.

This seminar is about developing relationship-based selling skills, and can be customized for sales people at any skill level, selling any type of product or service. For groups comprised of a large number of junior sales people, modules on basic sales skills are included. For advanced groups, the focus may be on major sales to strategic key accounts. In either case, the overall emphasis is on developing relationships with prospects and customers.

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Buford and Roger teach strategic selling skillsA win-win strategy

Build Relationships and the Sales Will Come is all about developing new strategic relationship strategies for selling. Although the analogy of warfare is often used in strategic sales training, this seminar characterizes selling as a win-win, Buford speaks on win-win sales strategiesnon-adversarial activity.

In order to be successful, particularly in key accounts, the sales person must work with, not against the client. It's like a chess game where both "teams" are on the same side, developing mutually beneficial strategies.

Let the games begin!

The seminar opens with Buford's madcap down-home humor and his unique motivational style. The room will be filled with singing, dancing, kazoos and wild on-stage fun and games involving "volunteers" from the audience.

The selling attitude

Buford elevates everyone's attitude levels with his unbounded enthusiasm, and shares his Secret Solutions for Sales Success with the group.

Interactive sales training, Buford style

Buford interacts with seminar participants on stage and sets up role-play exercises for pairs and groups. Individual exercises require everyone to re-think some of the basics they may be taking for granted. For example, each participant will write and role play an "elevator sales pitch" not to exceed two minutes in length, that clearly describes what they sell and why someone should buy it. Buford's teaching methods are fun, entertaining and provide stimulating learning and group interaction.

Becoming a sales consultant

Roger Reece takes over the second half of the seminar, building on Bufords ideas and concepts. He explains the strategic sales process, and what it means to be an effective sales consultant. He discusses the consulting business and how good, reliable, expert consultants sell their services and operate within their client organizations.

An effective sales consultant may not receive consulting fees, but he or she is "hired" at a key point in the relationship, and can then proceed to operate strategically on behalf of the client.

seminar modules include consultative sales and selling solutionsUncovering problems and selling solutions

Roger teaches solution selling and uses seminar workbooks and individual/group exercises to bring his teachings home. Participants define the problems they solve with their products and services and interact with each other in developing new methods of uncovering, presenting and selling solutions.

Effectively managing key accounts

develop key account sales relationships at your highest level of competencyStrong relationships are essential for effective development of key account sales. Individual and group exercises are used to help each participant to assess his or her current position in specific key accounts as well as to develop plans and strategies for reaching decision-makers at higher levels.

Customized to your business

Your business is unique? Build Relationhips and the Sales Will Come will be customized to fit your industry, products and services and sales organization. The fundamentals of building relationships apply to all businesses.

Seminars and Workshops

Invest in your sales people

It costs you a lot of money to take your people away from selling to attend a seminar. But it's an investment in your greatest revenue-producing asset. Your sales people need exposure to new ideas, they need to interact with each other, and they need to have some fun.

Build Relationships and the Sales Will Come provides it all. Make the investment... your sales people are worth it.

This seminar is typically a one-day program, but can be structured for a half-day or for up to two full days.

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