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In case you're thinkin abowt hirin Buford

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Shew-wee! I shure don't envy yer job!

save time, hire Buford nowSo much to do and so little time

Planning a big event is a complex and time-consuming job, and selecting a motivational speaker isn't the only thing you have to do.

So hopefully you'll find everything you want to know about Buford P. Fuddwhacker and Fuddwhacker Consulting on this web site. The information below should help your process along.

Please contact Buford as questions arise. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to make this event a great success!

Visit the Roger Reece Seminars website at for information about Roger's programs without Buford


  • You don't need to wait for us to mail literature to you because this web site is one big electronic brochure
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Buford P. Fuddwhacker and Fuddwhacker Consulting can be found on the web site.
  • However, if you are interested in getting a press kit or literature package in the mail, just contact Buford and we'll send you one.

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Buford's Keynotes

Sales Keynotes

Audio/Visual requirements
  • Buford will bring a laptop computer for his multimedia extravaganza.
  • Depending on the size of the room and group, the following items will be needed:
    • The largest projection screen available.
    • Projection table.
    • Data projector supporting at least svga (800x600) resolution (if not available, Buford will bring one).
    • Sound system with wireless lapel mic, wireless handheld mic and input for Buford's laptop sound output - RCA, 1/4" or 1/8" stereo mini-jack).(Sound system is optional for very small groups of fewer than 50 people.

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Buford's Seminars

Optional multimedia slideshow
of your meeting

  • Fuddwhacker Consulting can provide a multimedia slideshow including photographs of your people interacting with each other and with Buford, set to music.
  • These slideshows are great fun and are perfect to show at you next event... or Buford can present the slideshow at your conference in a 20-minute appearance on the day following his program.
  • The slideshow is dynamic and highly motivational, and if Buford presents it during your conference while everything is still fresh, it's really a hoot!
  • The slideshow will include 60-90 slides in Microsoft PowerPoint format and will be mailed to you on CD-ROM along with a video version on VHS tape.
  • Your cost for the slideshow is $500.
  • Your additional cost to have Buford appear to present the slideshow in a 20-minute appearance is $500 (plus one additional night's hotel accomodations).

Speaker agreement
and fees

  • Your costs include the speaker fee plus travel expenses
  • Contact Buford for current fee schedule
  • Travel expenses include air fare from Atlanta, hotel accomodations and ground transportation to/from the hotel.
  • 50% of the speaker fee and 100% of the air fare are due 45 days before the event, as a retainer.
  • The remainder of the speaker fee and expenses are due at the close of Buford's program during the event.
  • If the event or Buford's program is cancelled, the retainer will not be refunded

What's included in the
speaker fee?

  • Buford P. Fuddwhacker
    (and Roger Reece)
  • Kazoos for everyone in the audience
  • Prizes for "volunteers" (Buford t-shirts and screensaver CD-ROMs, various Fuddwhacker gadgets and paraphernalia)
  • Video tape of audience participation highlights from your meeting
  • Customized Fuddwhacker workbook (master copy in color or black & white -- you print and bind the copies)


Sample intro for Buford P. Fuddwhacker

Our speaker this morning is a world-renown motivational speaker, author, inventor, and consultant.

  • Bill Gates has referred to him as "my most trusted advisor and confidant and the real creative genius and driving force behind Microsoft's success."
  • Ben Bernanke has named him "the most profound economic genius of our time."
  • Billy Graham once called him "the second greatest inspirational leader the world has known."

Yet, while his powerful sphere of influence, his inspirational life story and his innovative inventions have have re-shaped history during the the last two decades, he has managed to maintain a low profile and a lifestyle of humble simplicity.

Born and raised on a farm in rural Indiana, his is the classic story of small town boy makes good… a story that can capture our imagination and inspire us all to strive toward reaching our full potential.

Now, let me introduce to you our speaker for this morning… the one, the only, Buford P. Fuddwhacker.

See yew at the meetin!

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