Leadership Keynote:
"Don't Look Now, But Somebody's Follerin Yew"


Leadership keynote by Buford P. FuddwhackerSome leaders are not managers

Do people come to you for advice? Do they value your opinions? Do they seem to trust your judgement? Do you tend to see solutions before others? Whether you're a manager or not, you may be providing leadership to people at work and in your personal life without even realizing it.

Some managers are not leaders

Leadership skills are often not a pre-requisite for management positions. Although the best managers are also great leaders, some are greatly lacking in this important area. Wherever you find employees with strong bonds of trust and loyalty to their manager, you generally find a manager with strong leadership skills.

Heed the call to leadership

Although some people may be "born leaders," the skills of leadership are generally learned through informal and formal processes. Buford P. Fuddwhacker's Don't Look Now, But Somebody's Follerin Yew keynote is a motivational program that contains some formal leadership training, and a whole lot of Buford's informal down-home "horse sense" that will inspire every member of the audience to the call of leadership.

leaders, motivated by Buford's leadership keynoteA leadership celebration

leadership training by BufordBuford kicks off the program with music, singing, dancing and madcap comedy,involving the whole audience and a few lucky "volunteers."

He then defines leadership and provides examples and live demonstrations of good and bad leadership. Buford's infectious enthusiasm and backwoods humor set a tone of fun, receptivity and participation as he leads the whole audience in a celebration of leadership.

leaders share experiencesA wealth of experience

Buford taps into the wealth of leadership experience that exists in the room by encouraging people to share their experiences. All of us have been affected by leaders at various times in our lives... parents, teachers, friends, relatives and even prominant figures from history and the present.

Participants recount their experiences, how their lives were affected by these leaders and how they might be different today had they not received that leadership.

Motivational keynote on leadershipSomebody's follerin yew!

Has anyone ever told you about how something you did or said years ago affected them in a positive way, causing them to make a decision or change in a way that completely altered the course of their life?

Up-and-coming leaders in the audience benefit from the seasoned leaders in the group who share stories of how they were unaware of the great transformations their "followers" underwent because of a simple word or action.

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In the company of leaders

Buford allows participants to continue their exploration of leadership with a partner in an interactive dyad designed to deepen the teaching and interaction around the leadership theme.

Any speaker can get up and talk about leadership. In Don't Look Now, But Somebody's Follerin Yew, Buford will bring fun, humor, music, strong motivational teaching and the experiences of a room full of leaders together to make this keynote the highlight of your conference or seminar.

This keynote can be structured as a one or two-hour program.

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