Motivational Keynote on positive attitude:
"Put Yer Hound Dog Owtta
His Mizzery!"

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Buford's keynote speech on positive attitudeIs the hound dog in you getting you down?

According to Buford P. Fuddwhacker, there's a hound dog living inside nearly all of us. He may be asleep most of the time, but just wait until things stop going your way... that's when your old hound dog starts howling and whining.

Some people really have it bad... their hound dog has taken over. You may have met people like this. They are so negative, Buford calls them defective hound dogs. These are the people who live by Murphy's Law, "whatever can go wrong will go wrong."

If you are a defective hound dog, or if your hound dog just rears his ugly head enough of the time to rob you of your joy, you need to Put Yer Hound Dog Owtta His Mizzery!

Attitude is Everything

When your attitude is right, you see possibilities in even the most seemingly negative circumstances. Let Buford help you put your hound dog out of his misery once and for all with this lively, fun, entertaining and motivating keynote. In this program, Buford will preview his new book on attitude in which he outlines the seven most common negative thoughts you need to watch out for. He calls them rabbits, because chasing a negative thought is like chasing rabbits... you get sidetracked from your goals and end up with nothing.

good example of a bad attitude
Leroy Fuddwhacker, Highly Defective Hound Dog

The title of his book? The 7 Rabbits of Highly Defective Hound Dogs... the definitive self-help book on putting your hound dog out of his misery. As Buford describes the book, he uses his brother Leroy, a bonafide highly defective hound dog, as an example of what negative thinking can do to you. Then he proceeds to outline a process you can use to replace your hound dog with sunshine.

You can't buy Buford's book yet... he's still working on it, but you can experience a wild and crazy romp through Buford's world while picking up great motivational teaching along the way during this keynote program.

Crank Up the enthusiasm!

Buford is an expert at generating enthusiasm and getting people to laugh, sing, dance and ham it in the audience and on stage. "Volunteers will be called upon to express their positive attitudes to disco music, and will compete for prizes. The entire audience will be Buford's karaoke backup band with kazoo playing and hand clapping. Everyone will join in for a celebration of the joy and value of positive attitude.

This keynote can be structured as a 30-90 minute program and is a great way to kick off or close a meeting or conference. Buford never fails to bring out the fun and enthusiasm in people, and your group will never forget the experience.

Workbook exercises

Workbooks are generally not used in the 30-minute version of this program. In the one hour version, workbooks with exercises on attitude are generally distributed, but because of time are used only lightly. If you would like to get people more involved in individual and group exercises, we suggest a 90-minute program. The exercises are lots of fun and provide a great opportunity for members of your group to interact and get to know each other better.

Customized to your themes
and topics

Regardless of the subject of your meeting or conference, Buford can customize this keynote to fit in and set the stage for your program. The more information you can provide us on the themes and topics of your meeting, the better Buford can integrate his keynote into the overall program. Make Buford your keynote speaker this year and crank up the enthusiasm and positive attitudes of your audience.

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