Stress Management Keynote:
"Stress fer Success"

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Buford's stress management keynote speechWhat causes stress?

Buford explores the causes of stress and provides real solutions in this fun and entertaining motivational keynote. Everyone gets involved singing, dancing and joining Buford in on-stage demonstrations and group exercises.

In his unique and funny down-home style, Buford shows that the real cause of stress is not people and situations, but our reaction to them. In fact, according to Buford we can learn to convert our stress reactions into the fuel we need to propel us to success in life.

Stress fer Success is a high-energy, fun-filled session that will entertain, motivate and provide practical tools and techniques or dealing with stress at home and in the workplace. This dynamic keynote is the perfect way to open or close a conference, meeting or training program.

Too many balls in the air

Most of are juggling so many activities and responsibilities that it's easy to drop the ball in one area or another. If we learn to be so efficient that we manage to keep all the balls in the air, we may discover that our sense of satisfaction with life and our relationships suffer.

reducing stress at Buford's motivational keynotesBuford addresses these very real situations and offers his philosophy of the true meaning of success, as well as some practical remedies for stress burn-out.

Workbooks and exercises

learning stress management at Buford's keynoteEvery member of the audience gets involved in this interactive learning experience. Stress fer Success workbooks include exercises allowing participants to explore the effects of stress in their lives. Group exercises facilitate further exploration through the sharing of experiences and ideas. The combination of stimulating group interaction and Buford's off-beat humor and speaking style make this keynote a truly unusual and rewarding experience.

Balance: a simple strategy for long-term management of stressstrategy for stress management from Buford's motivational keynote

Buford's teaches the long-term benefits of balanced living and interacts with members of the audience to help illustrate his points.

He even teaches the group Fuddwhacker's Stress fer Success meditation and relaxation technique for those stressed-out days we all experience from time to time.

Let stress fuel your successful
journey through life

Since it's impossible to avoid stress, why not use it to your advantage? Learn to discover a new opportunity for success in every stressful situation.

relieving stress at Buford's keynote on stress managementAdd a spark of fun, enthusiasm and interactive learning to your meeting or conference with Buford P. Fuddwhacker's Stress fer Success keynote.

Stress fer Success can be structured as a one-hour program, or if you would like to include more exercises and group interaction it can be expanded to up to two hours.

Interested in a longer program on stress? Check out the half-day or full-day seminar, Emerging from the Stress Warp.

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