Keynote Presentation on Time Management
"Make Ever Minit Count"

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Many people have forgotten how to enjoy life and are simply going through the motions without really living every moment. We have so much to do and so little time that life can seem like one long marathon race.

Let Buford P.
Fuddwhacker help
you "git a grip" on time

Buford is the consummate backwoods philosopher. In this fun-filled keynote on time management, he takes every member of the audience on a journey through time... back to childhood.

He tells stories about the eccentric Fuddwhacker family, and about his life as a child, explaining how children can lose their fascination with life as the pressures of time and responsibilities increase. Buford also acknowledges every individual's need for efficient and effective time management. The way to get a grip on time, Buford explains, is to learn to "live ever minit and make ever minit count!"

Getting more done in less time

Buford calls on "volunteers" from the audience to help him illustrate points, such as getting more done in less time. They demonstrate how being efficient isn't effective if it doesn't give you right results.

Contestants compete for Fuddwhacker t-shirts, and generally don't leave the stage without joining Buford in a karaoke song. Make Ever Minit Count is a high-energy, motivating, time management keynote that will not fail to set an enthusiastic, positive tone for your conference or meeting.

Develop right habits for right results

The Make Ever Minit Count workbook contains exercises designed to help participants develop sound time management habits while enjoying every minute of life. The combination of Bufords humorous approach to teaching and individual and group exercises will jump start attendees into forming new habits to help them "live ever minit and make ever minit count."

The Make Ever Minit Count keynote can be structured as a one-hour program, or can be expanded to two hours in order to include more exercises and group interaction.

If you're interested in a longer program, check out the time management seminar, Emerging from the Time Warp

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