Positive Attitude & Productivity:
"Fuddwhacker's Famous Four-step Formula
Fer a Fortunate Future"

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Buford's most popular keynote!Buford's keynote speech on balanced living

This great motivational keynote is the perfect way to begin or end your conference or meeting. It's Buford's most popular keynote because it provides a simple formula for balanced living that applies to everyone.

Fuddwhacker's Famous Four-step Formula Fer a Fortunate Future is fast-paced, fun, and packed with music, audience participation and great motivational exercises. Buford's four steps can vary depending on the theme of your conference or meeting. It generally includes positive attitude, productivity, personal achievement, and managing stress.

positive attitudes, achievers, motivated and enthusiasticBuford draws on stories of his relatives and growing up on the farm as well as his ideas for new inventions to illustrate his points.

"Volunteers" are called up to the stage to get involved in Buford's antics, and to share their insights. Every volunteer gets a prize and some will compete for the coveted Fuddwhacker T-Shirts.

fun keynotes by BufordOn-stage participants as well as the whole audience play kazoos and sing Buford's karaoke songs... there are no spectators on the sidelines.

Fuddwhacker's Famous Four-step Formula Fer a Fortunate Future can be a one or two-hour session. motivated participants in Buford's keynoteEach participant will receive a workbook, and in the one-hour version of the program, Buford will talk about the workbook exercises at various times during the program, but it's up to each individual to do the exercises at a later time. In the two-hour version, the audience will get involved in doing some of the workbook exercises during the program.

Who are the fortunate few?

These are the people who have figured out how to be achievers without losing sight of what's important in life. The Fortunate Few are the people who have found joy, fun and fulfillment in life.

You've heard this before? Not the way Buford explains it. He doesn't just talk about it... he takes you on a wild adventure into the world of the Fortunate Few as he sees it. Buford makes you look at the world and at yourself in a new way.

Fuddwhacker's Famous Four-Step Formula Fer a Fortunate Future is Buford's gift for a new beginning. In his words, it's "four simple steps that if yew'll start takin em today, yew'll be well on yer way to a fortunate future!"

Interested in a longer program? Buford expands his formula in a half-day or full-day seminar workshop entitled, Fuddwhacker's Famous Five-step Formula Fer a Fortunate Future.

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