Seminar on Positive Attitude
"Fuddwhacker's Famous Five-step Formula
Fer a Fortunate Future"

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Buford's most popular seminar & workshop!

seminar on positive attitude, goal setting, visualization

Become one of the Fortunate Few! In this half-day or full-day seminar and workshop, Buford delivers a fun and entertaining program full of rich motivational content.

Meet Buford's brother Leroy and his sister-in-law Rubydee. Meet Raylene Fuddwhacker, Buford's beautiful (?) wife. See Buford's new invention for saving time, Web-TP. watching Buford, motivational speakerBuford unveils his formula for success in life and his homespun philosphy by relating personal stories from his vast wealth of experience. The audience becomes his stage as he draws each person into his world.

In Fuddwhacker's Five-step Formula Fer a Fortunate Future Buford brings members of the audience on stage for a fashion show and uses it to illustrate the significance of positive attitude. He gets everyone in the room involved in attitude ajustment exercise, dancing, playing kazoos and singing Karaoke. He challenges everyone with entertaining written and group exercises involving goal setting, visualization, and self-assessment. He transforms a member of the audience into an Elvis impersonator in his teaching on time management. He leads the group in a relaxation and stress management exercise. And throughout the program, Buford delivers solid motivational teaching on personal achievement, leadership and balanced living in his unique, wild and crazy, down-home style.

The steps in Buford's five-step formula vary depending on the themes, topics and requirements of your organization. If you build this workshop and seminar into a conference, Buford's program can be broken into 2, 3 or 4 sessions on different days, supporting the content of your conference each day.

Buford's seminar covers time and stress management

Workshops and Seminars

Fuddwhacker's Five-step Formula Fer a Fortunate Future is as challenging as it is entertaining. Buford's audiences continually comment on how much they thoroughly enjoyed his non-stop off-beat humor and how much they learned through the seminar. In this program, Buford provides an amazingly effective learning experience that is simply a lot of fun.

fun motivational seminar on time and stress managementWho are the Fortunate Few?

Buford's goal for the seminar is to transform his "students" into the Fortunate Few. These are the world's elite... the people who have broken life's code and discovered how to live life fully, build meaningful relationships, achieve what they want, and enjoy each moment along the way. Buford's five-step formula is his unique approach to joining the ranks of the Fortunate Few.

Getting people involved

We will ask you for a list of potential "volunteers" in advance, allowing you to select some of the people who will interact with Buford onstage. If you can supply photographs of those volunteers, Buford will make good use of them, incorporating them into his on-screen graphics. No one can convert audience members into comedians like Buford. Your own people will have your audience doubled over with laughter.

learning about time and stress management, balanced livingSelf-discovery and change

In the midst of Buford's outrageous comedy, he causes each member of the audience to examine his or her life. The seminar workbook contains exercises that make people stop and think. Additional group exercises and dyads allow people to interact, exchange ideas, and apply Buford's concepts to the real conflicts and situations they face at work and in their personal lives. The result is self-discovery and group dynamics that lead to positive change.

fun seminar by Buford Fuddwhacker, motivational speakerMission accomplished

If you're looking for a half-day or full-day program that's unlike any other your group has experienced... one that's fun and entertaining, while containing a meaningful and lasting motivational message, Fuddwhacker's Famous Five-step Formula Fer a Fortunate Future will surpass your expectations. Buford consistently receives rave reviews from meeting planners and audiences for this seminar.
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