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Interducin...my revelooshunary new invention: Web-TP


A while back, I started doin some thinkin...
abowt all them big software companies like Micrysoft an Intell, and how theyve rilly been rakin in the dough on this Internet deal! Jest think about it... zillions of peoples converted their extree bedrooms into home offices and computer rooms and they spends hours in there surfin the web ans tawkin on chat lines... And theyve spent a geezillion bucks on PCs, modems an software!

Well anyhow, I wuz asittin in front of the TV adrinkin some beer an doin a little channel surfin an this commershal comes on about somethin called WEB-TV. Its this little gizmo that sets on top a yer TV and lets yew surf the WEB while yew surf the TV channels! So now the family room is the cyberspace launchpad, and Soney, Magnyvox and all these companys are gonna make a fortchun! Well ole Buford got ta thinkin about all this and after beer number six he realized that there's another room everbody has to go to sooner or later!

Fuddwhacker Consulting prowdly presents: Web-TP

WEB-TP Look out Micrasoft and all the rest a yew cawse Fuddwhacker Consulting is on yer tail! Them other companies may have the office, the home office an the family room, but Fuddwhacker Consulting's gonna get ever bathroom in the house!

 click here for he real low-down on Web-TP

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