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motivational speaker and trainer, Roger Reece
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"After 20 years
as a corporate executive...
I finally got
in touch
with my
Inner Geek

When Buford Fuddwhacker isn't motivating audiences and singing and dancing through the aisles, he often reverts to his alter-ego, Roger Reece.

Consultant, trainer and motivational speaker

Roger assists Buford in his half-day, full-day and two-day seminars, to balance out the Fuddwhacker Frenzy of karaoke, kazoos and comedy. He also provides management and marketing consulting services to companies who are interested in lightening up their corporate culture.

His background prior to founding Fuddwhacker Consulting includes 10 years in sales training and management, and an additional 15 years in corporate product development and marketing. Throughout his corporate career, Roger was a frequent speaker at management and technology conferences in the U.S. and Europe, and conducted seminars and training programs on a wide range of topics.

Roger Reece motivates and teachesIn search of an "MPM" degree

In 1989, he entered the Executive MBA program at Emory University, with a desire to improve his executive skills. What he learned through hundreds of business case studies was that one of the greatest failures of corporations is their general inability to create a fun and fulfilling work environment. "I got my Master of Business Administration degree, but what I needed was an MPM degree... a Master of People Motivation." Since he was unable to find a university with an MPM program, he decided to figure it out on his own.

The birth of Buford

In his role as Vice President of Marketing at a technology company in Atlanta, Roger began his independent MPM studies by initiating changes. Casual day soon became casual every day, and he started new traditions such as an annual Halloween extravaganza. Everyone wore costumes to work, and the day was filled with music, contests and festivities.

Buford P. Fuddwhacker began as Roger's Halloween costume. "I had to do several interviews that day, and did them as this nerd who later evolved into Buford. motivating, training, teachingEach person I interviewed said the same thing, 'I've got to come to work for this company!' It was at that point that I really started to get in touch with my inner geek."

Over the next four years, Buford P. Fuddwhacker was the keynote speaker at company breakfasts sales meetings, users group conferences, trade shows and nearly every company function. "Buford became our company mascot, and he hosted parking lot parties, team building sessions and Karaoke lunches. Finally, I decided to take Buford public and let him start his own business."

motivatiing peopleThe Buford and Roger tag team

Today, Roger and Buford make good use of their MBA and MPM degrees in companies and organizations everywhere. They work together as a team, speaking, educating and motivating in conferences, business meetings, and corporate training and team building programs, helping to enjoy their work and have fun in the process.

So your inner child's a Geek... that's no reason to lock him up!

Kids don't have to stop having fun when they grow up and join the workforce. They just have to keep the kid inside healthy and happy, and let him out to play every day.

And if your kid turns out to be a geek, so what? Don't be ashamed of him. Let him out and there's no telling how he may change your attitude, your career or your whole life!

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