Customer service seminar:
"Relating to Customers
and Other People"

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Buford's seminar on customer service and customer care

Your most valuable assets

Your employees and your customers are your two greatest assets... and it's about time they got to know each other a little better. This seminar is about building relationships between every employee at every level of your organization and your customers. Your customers are a diverse group of people, and they are often misunderstood, ignored, resented or simply tolerated by employees. To busy employees, customers can represent interruptions to productivity. Customer problems can seem like "downers" and are often avoided and passed down the line from one employee to another.

Relating to Customers and Other People is a half-day or full-day seminar designed to educate, motivate and create awareness in your people. The goal?

To equip your employees to better relate to, value and care for customers. Throughout the seminar, the emphasis is on people and relationships. Although customers are valuable assets, they are also people and should be treated like good friends.

Buford Fuddwhacker, motivational speakerThe Buford-Roger tag team

This seminar is led by the tag team of Buford P. Fuddwhacker and Roger Reece. Buford conducts the first half, bringing his unique brand of down-home comedy and motivational teaching to the seminar. Buford will get everyone involved in contests, singing, role-playing and interacting with each other.

Buford will introduce key concepts in good customer relationship management, and will bring it all down to simply relating to people and treating them with courtesy and respect. As is generally the case, however, the audience gets so wrapped up in the fun and laughter that they hardly realize they are having a valuable learning experience.

Buford uses seminar workbooks for individual and group exercises, and maintains Roger Reece, motivational speakervariety throughout the program, sprinkling humor and laughter every step of the way.

Buford's alter-ego, Roger Reece takes over the second half of the seminar, bringing a somewhat more serious tone and deepening the concepts that Buford introduced in the first half.

His articulate interactive teaching style, combined with group learning activities and workbook exercises provide a great balance to Buford's madcap comedy.

Relating to Customers and Other People covers topics such as

  • How valuable is your customer?
  • Internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Listening to how you relate to customers
  • Listening yourself into the customer's shoes
  • The buck stops here
  • When is a customer's problem solved?
  • Relating to the "customer from hell"
  • Relating to customers by phone and email
  • Building win-win relationships

Workshops and Seminars

customer service workbooksWho needs Relating to Customers and Other People? Everyone in your organization. Consider making it a required course for all employees and hold seminars periodically until all employees have completed the class. Customer service is everyone's responsibility and privilege. This fun and entertaining course in quality customer relations is ideal for groups of 25-200 people at any level within your company.

Planning a conference with a customer service theme? Consider adding Relating to Customers and other People to the agenda.

Looking for a shorter program? check out Buford's customer service keynote, Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mowth.

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