Customer Service Keynote
"Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mowth!"

Buford's customer service keynote speechYour customer is your greatest gift!

If someone gave you a horse as a gift...

would you immediately look in its mouth to see if it had good teeth?

You don't need to answer that question, but you can bet that Buford will ask it in this fun-filled, motivational, customer service keynote.

Customers are our greatest gifts. We gladly receive them, but if we don't treat them as valued gifts by providing excellent customer service, they'll go where they are appreciated.

Buford celebrates customer care!

Hold onto your hat because taking care of customers is a subject that gets Buford excited and riled up at the same time. Grab your kazoos, stand up and join Buford in a one or two-hour celebration of our greatest gifts.

Buford teaches customer care in his customer service keynoteReally good and really poor service

Buford tells stories about his experiences with the good, the bad and the ugly CSRs. In his off-beat, down-home style, he uses comedy and audience participation to get people involved in the meeting... laughing, having fun and taking on his challenges to treat customers like royalty.

An interactive learning experience

Buford uses fun and entertaining interactive dyads to get the audience to pair up and discuss their own approaches to caring for customers. Whether the audience is 25 or 1000 people, they all get out of the spectator role and into an interactive learning experience.

Seminar workbooks provide exercises that are used both during the program and after, for those who take Buford's challenge to pursue excellence. The number of exercises that will be done during the session depends on the length of the program you select (one to two hours).

A great way to set the tone for your next meeting

Buford knows how to create high-energy enthusiasm... he's the perfect keynote speaker to kick off your meeting, conference or training program. Or if you simply want to give your people a mini-seminar in caring for customers, Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mowth is the right program for you.

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