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All keynote speakers aren't alike. Let Buford jumpstart your next meeting!
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Keynote speaker, Buford FuddwhackerTime flies when you're
having fun

And when you're not, a long business meeting or conference with long-winded speakers seems like it will never end. When you're having fun, you're more receptive to new ideas and you tend to feel more involved. But most meetings just aren't much fun and you spend a lot of time looking at your watch.

Let's get this party started!

Buford P. Fuddwhacker is the perfect choice in keynote speakers to kick off your next meeting... with a double dose of fun and enthusiasm. Buford's keynotes are jam-packed with strong motivational content, down-home country humor, karaoke and kazoos, audience participation and group interaction. And they're guaranteed to start or end your meeting on the right note.

Buford's not just another pretty face

Behind all that singing, dancing and off-beat comedy is a powerful motivational message on topics such as:

Why subject your audience to boring keynote speakers when you can give them a Fuddwhacker keynote?

Customized keynotes for your organization's topics and industry

Buford knows how to customize his keynotes to fit the themes and content of your meeting. Regardless of your industry or area of focus, Buford will gather the necessary background information from you, the Internet and other sources to make his keynote relevent to your audience.

Make this a meeting they'll never forget

Most keynote speakers are quickly forgotten, but audiences never forget their Fuddwhacker experience. His outlandish appearance, zany humor, wild on-stage antics and inspiring motivational message will make your entire meeting a rewarding and memorable learning experience for every attendee.


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With Buford as your keynote speaker, everyone will be talking about their Fuddwhacker experience during breaks. Why not bring Buford back for an encore?

Add one or more mini seminars, workshops or team-building sessions to your agenda. Our special keynote packages make it very economical to offer more Fuddwhacker humor and motivational training to your event. Buford breakouts are especially popular in large conferences, giving attendees the opportunity to experience challenging group interaction and motivational training in smaller groups.

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