Sales Keynote Speaker, Buford P. Fuddwhacker's
"Yew sure look awful
withowt yer CLOSE!"

sales meeting on the importance of closing skills

Sales keynote speaker, Buford P. FuddwhackerClosing is everything!

It's the most important single selling skill a sales person can develop, but it's surprising how many sales people think they can trade information for orders. Buford's response to the sales person who expects to get an order without closing it is, "Yew sure look awful withowt yer close!."

Let Buford crank up the enthusiasm

Buford is at his best when he's talking to sales people, and in this meeting he pulls out all the stops to make it the most fun and unusual sales meeting you'll ever have. It's not a training meeting, so don't expect Buford to teach unskilled sales people how to break sales records. But if you're looking for a wake-em-up sales meeting to get your group laughing while challenging them to close more orders, you should include Buford in your next meeting.

Closing sales - roleplay with BufordAs in all his sales meetings, Buford will entertain and involve everyone in the audience with knee-slappin down-home humor, music and general mayhem.

He recounts his early days as sales person selling encyclopedias and vacuum cleaners, and relates his treasure chest of closing secrets and techniques such as the "I ain't goin nowhere till yew sign this order!" close. Buford explains how to handle every objection until you finally see the buy in their eyes (not the bye!)

Sales meeting - training and recognitionTongue-in-cheek Role Play

Buford will bring several of your sales reps on stage for a role play closing session in which they will learn "Don't say NO, the musical singing sales-gram close." It's actually a karaoke song with lyrics Buford will write specifically for your organization, using all your selling buzz-words, products, services, etc. You will be asked in advance for the names of "volunteers" you would like to see on stage with Buford. And if you have any good "stories" or photos of them that you can send us in advance, Buford will make good use of them on stage during the meeting.

Yew Sure Look Awful Withowt Yer Close can be a brief 30-minute prelude to your main meeting or a 60 or 90-minute program including more comedy and/or training content as well as exercises allowing your sales people to interact with each other.

If you're looking for a way to break up the routine of another long monthly, quarterly or annual sales meeting, or if you want to add fun to a serious sales training program, you've come to the right place.

Yew Sure Look Awful Withowt Yer Close will motivate and entertain your sales people as only Buford P. Fuddwhacker can do.

Buford's Sales Meetings

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