Fun, Motivational Sales Meeting Keynote:
Who Says "Yew Cain't Sell Nothin to Nobody!"?

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Buford Fuddwhacker, sales trainer and motivational speakerWhen's the last time you had a really fun sales meeting?

Sales meetings are important... but they can tend to get boring and tedious. The next time you have one, make it a rip-roaring Fuddwhacker extravaganza of comedy, music and fast-paced fun with Who Says "Yew Cain't Sell Nothin to Nobody!"? Buford tells his sales success story

Buford tells all

After receiving an outstanding introduction (supplied to you before the meeting) Buford P. Fuddwhacker will saunter out on stage, tattered briefcase in hand and assume the role of self-appointed sales expert and guru. He has come to share his time-honored secrets of sales success.

Buford tells the sad story of the day he was fired from his first sales job. He came into the office to find a pink slip in his in ox with the message written in bold letters, Yew cain't sell nothin to nobody! Yer fired!!!

Who says "Yew cain't sell nothin to nobody!"?

After a brief time of self--questioning, Buford rose up... determined to succeed and cried out, Who says "I cain't sell nothin to nobody!"? And with that, he began his mighty, triumphant climb to sales success!Buford's fun, interactive training

A fun-filled tribute to the glorious sales profession!

Everyone joins in the fun as Buford pays tribute to the professional sales person. "Volunteers" from the audience are called to center stage to participate in stunts and activities designed get everyone laughing and applauding their fellow professionals.

Buford teaches his selling techniques

Beef up them sellin skills!

Look out Dale Carnegie! Buford gives the group a tongue-in-cheek mini-sales-refresher course in his Six Succinct Steps to Sellin Success, in which he reveals his Surfire Steps to a Slamdunk Sale:

  • Dress fer success
  • One minit fer that furst impresshun
  • Establish rappore
  • Develop inerst (if they ain't inersted they won't buy)
  • Create dezire
  • Ask fer the order

Sales people love to compete

And Buford sets the stage for a sales competition in which contestants compete for prizes such as Fuddwhacker T-shirts and the highly coveted Buford P. Fuddwhacker screensaver CD-ROM. Buford's sales awards

Buford makes sales meetings fun
Planning a sales meeting and really want to set the stage for positive energy, kick it off with Who Says "Yew Cain't Sell Nothin to Nobody!!!"?

Buford's Sales Meetings

Send Buford to President's Club!

Planning your next President's Club sales incentive trip? Make this sales keynote part of your after-dinner program at the sales awards banquet.


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