Sales Productivity Keynote:
"Goin Fishin fer New Bizness"

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Buford Fuddwhacker, sales trainer and motivational speakerForget about the big one that got away!

"Stop yer belly-aykin abowt that big ole sale yew lost. Go git yer pole and keep on fishin! They's plenty of bizness owt there and yew ain't agonna ketch nothin if yew don't git yer line in the water!"

In this fun and energetic sales keynote, Buford P. Fuddwhacker exhorts your sales force to go out and find new business every day.

Big sales are great, but you can't spend all your time working on one or two big sales that may eventually get away from you, leaving you with a big goose egg. Don't sit around thinking about that big trophy fish you expect to hang on your wall some day... get out and start prospecting for new business right now!

Sellin's a lot like fishin

In Goin Fishin fer New Bizness, Buford talks about his two favorite activities... fishin and sellin. He talks about the similarities between the two activities and tells why sales people need to learn the habits of expert fishermen.

Let Buford motivate your sales force with great keynotesRaise your activity level

Buford encourages the audience to raise their activity level by making more sales calls, as he raises the enthusiasm level in the room. With his fast-paced country humor, kazoos, karaoke and wacky inventions, he puts on a sales meeting your group will never forget.

"Volunteers" from the audience join him on stage to demonstrate his points and to role-play the right and wrong way to make a cold call. Buford uses his roving microphone to get the opinions of experts in the room who are encouraged to tell their fishing stories. It all translates into a fun and entertaining sales keynote that will jump start your monthly, quarterly or annual sales meeting.

Buford teaches selling skillsKeep filling your funnel

It's all a simple numbers game. If you keep the steady stream of prospects pouring into the sales funnel, your sales pipeline drop new orders into the pot. Every sales person has a set of sales conversion ratios that are at work all the time. Your ratio of suspect-to-prospect conversions may be 10:1. Your ratio of prospect-to-sale ratio may be 6:1. And there are lots of other ratios that are working in the funnel and pipeline.

Increasing your sales skills is a great way to improve those ratios and increase sales over time... but you need more sales now! By simply increasing your activity level in finding more suspects, your current skill ratios will automatically translate that activity into more sales in the next 30, 60 and 90 days.

Buford on getting new salesDon't git tangled up in yer old fishin line

Stop using that old line about the deal that's been on your forecast since last September. Forget about the line you use on your sales manager about all the great things you have going when there's no real substance to any of it. Don't waste any more time untangling old excuses... put on Buford's new fishing line and let's get Goin Fishin fer New Bizness!

Buford's Sales Meetings

Liven up your next sales meeting with BufordYour sales people generate the revenue you need to make your business successful. Don't make them sit through another boring sales meeting. Let Buford make it a fun, entertaining and truly motivating experience.

Contact Buford right now and book the Goin Fishin fer New Bizness keynote for your next sales meeting.

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