Sales Motivation Keynote presentation:
"G.I.T. Sellin!"

Sales motivation keynote by Buford P. FuddwhackerGIT out there and SELL!

Make Buford P. Fuddwhacker your team's quarterback to set the stage for your next sales meeting, conference or training program. Buford will pump up the energy and enthusiasm you need to kick off a new product, sales plan or incentive program.


Buford challenges your sales force to G.I.T. going

Sales motivation keynote,  "GIT Sellin"Just what you need, another TLA (Three Letter Acronym). But when Buford kicks off the G.I.T. Sellin program, your people will GIT treated to the funniest, craziest, rip-rorin' sales meeting they've ever attended. In this fun and motivating parody on rah-rah new-acronym sales programs, Buford challenges everyone in the room to:

• Give all yew got
• Imitate success
• Trust yer efforts

sales meeting participationEveryone GITs
into the act

Sales people love to have fun, and Buford knows how to GIT the fun started with music, kazoos, singing, dancing and madcap down-home humor. "Volunteers" are called up on stage to join Buford in crazy examples and analogies that illustrate the three points in the G.I.T Sellin program. The result is an enthusiastic response that GITs everyone in the mood for your monthly, quarterly or annual sales meeting.

If you want a fast-paced, high-energy, entertaining and motivating meeting that will challenge each rep to GIT out and sell, make Buford P. Fuddwhacker's G.I.T. Sellin program the keynote for your next meeting.
sales people love Buford's meetings

Sales Keynotes

Sales Meeting Special

Make your next meeting or conference a high-impact special event that your people will never forget. Bring Buford in for a special combination package that includes a one-hour keynote and a 90-minute mini team-building seminar. If you're considering bringing in an outside motivational speaker for your meeting, you obviously want to make a positive impact on your people. Buford is your best bet as an entertaining and motivational opening speaker... but when you add a Fuddwhacker mini team-building seminar you've got an unbeatable combination!

Buford will open the meeting with a bang, bringing down the house with laughter and raising the roof with a challenging motivational message. Later in the agenda, he'll return for 90-minutes of team-building games and exercises designed to build on the themes of his opening session and build a spirit of teamwork. You won't find a more effective motivational program, and best of all, the cost of adding the team-building seminar is only about 20% more than the keynote alone.

Contact Buford now, and ask about his motivational sales meeting special!

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