Complete list of Buford P. Fuddwhacker's
Motivational Speeches & Seminars

  • On personal achievement and balanced living:
    • Fuddwhacker's Famous Four-step Formula Fer a Fortunate Future
      (one to two-hour keynote) Buford shares his secrets on how to join the ranks of the Fortunate Few. Buford's practical formula includes attude, achievement, priorities, and balance. This is his most popular keynote.
    • Fuddwhacker's Famous Five-step Formula Fer a Fortunate Future
      (half to full-day seminar) Buford shares all in this expanded program on how to become one of the Fortunate Few. In this popular seminar he adds the step of goal setting and visualization to the formula and adds individual and group exercises. This is Buford's most popular seminar.
  • On attitude:
    • Put Yer Hound Dog Owtta His Mizzery!
      (30 to 90-minute keynote) A great energizer to get people going. Buford demonstrates the effects of attitude in daily life and provides a three-step formula for a achieving and maintaining positive attitude.
  • On determination:
    • Go Arownd the Mule
      (one to two-hour keynote) Buford's wisdom on how to recognize and deal with life's roadblocks (mules) and how to manage your expectations. His theme, "keep yer eye on the goal, not on the mules," is the secret to enjoying the means and not just the end result in goal achievement.
  • On leadership:
    • Don't Look Now, But Somebody's Follerin Yew
      (one to two-hour keynote) Buford contrasts leadership and management and inspires every member of the audience to be a true leader. He draws stories and testimonials from the hidden leaders in the audience to make this a fun and inspiring keynote.
  • On time management:
    • Make Ever Minit Count
      (one to two-hour keynote) Buford shares the Fuddwhacker philosophy on how to enjoy each moment, while becoming more efficient and effective in managing time.
    • Emerging from the Time Warp
      (half to full-day seminar) In this seminar, participants learn how to escape the snare of the trivial and the tyranny of the urgent... and get control of their time. Buford and Roger teach practical time management techniques for work and personal life.
  • On stress management:
    • Stress fer Success
      (one to two-hour keynote) Buford shares his stress management secrets which can enable every one of us to convert stress reactions into the fuel we need propel us to success.
    • Emerging from the Stress Warp
      (half to full-day seminar) Buford and Roger explore the causes and effects of stress at home and in the workplace, and the various stress-traps we can find ourselves in. They provide a variety of tools and techniques for avoiding and managing stress reactions.
  • On interpersonal communications:
    • Emerging from the Communication Warp
      (half to full-day seminar) Buford examines our often dismal failures to communicate effectively on and off the job and provides new methods for effective communications. Roger follows Buford and takes an in-depth look at how we perceive the world and how we interact with people. He provides techniques for looking at the world with new eyes and bringing new clarity to our communications.
  • On customer service:
    • Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mowth
      (One to two-hour keynote) Buford preaches the gospel of customer appreciation in this celebration of the greatest gift (in business) we've ever received... our customers.
    • Relating to Customers and Other People
      (half to one-day seminar) Buford and Roger work as a team to educate, motivate and create customer care awareness. The focus in on listening, understanding and empathizing, and on treating internal and external customers like friends.
  • On sales:
    • Yew Sure Look Awful Withowt Yer Close
      (30 to 90-minute keynote) Buford expounds on the importance of developing good closing skills, and conducts a tongue-in-cheek sales training course in how to close an order.
    • G.I.T. More Sales!
      (30 to 90-minute keynote) Buford kicks off your company's new G.I.T. Selling program, encouraging every sales person to 1) Give all they've got, 2) Imitate success and 3) Trust their efforts.
    • Who Says "Yew Cain't Sell Nothin to Nobody!"?
      (30 to 90-minute keynote) Buford tells the sad story of his first sales job, and the day he got a pink slip that said "Yew Cain't Sell Nothin to Nobody! Yer Fired!" In this rags-to-riches upbeat sales success story, Buford explains how he woke up the next morning, echoing the cry of defiance, "Who says 'I cain't sell nothin to nobody!'?"
    • Goin Fishin fer New Bizness
      (30 to 90-minute keynote) In this high-energy sales keynote, Buford exhorts sales people to "quit bellyachin abowt the one that got away... go owt and start fishin fer new bizness!" It's all about making more new sales contacts and filling the sales funnel and pipeline.
    • Build Relationships and the Sales Will Come
      (Half-day to two-day seminar) Buford and Roger team up for some fun but serious sales training in this seminar on relationship-selling. Modules on key account management, consultative selling, and a long list of essential selling skills are customized to fit the needs of your company, industry and sales force
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