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One size doesn't fit all, and that's where the consulting comes in. We will spend time learning about your business or organization and will work with you to ensure that Buford's program delivers the results you want. Buford will come to the meeting armed with topics that address your key issues, and will surprise everyone as he involves members of the audience in hilarious on-stage antics.

If you're looking for more than a "quick fix," consider using us for customized training and team-building program development and ongoing consulting services.

Customized Training Programs

If your need is for training, we will spend significant time consulting with you and with members of your organization in order to develop an effective program. Whether the topic is leadership, sales, creative thinking, time management or stress management, we will develop and train your people in the use of practical tools tailored to their needs and to your industry.

Customized Team/Morale-Building Programs

Many of our clients have been faced with downsizing or other morale-draining problems, and look to us for team-building and morale-building programs. Clearly, no single meeting will solve deep organizational conflicts, but we can consult with you and offer a variety of long-term and short-term solutions to address the issues.

Team-building programs, for example, can be structured to address specific problems within teams and departments providing exercises and opportunities for constructive dialogue. By allowing teams to define problems and potential solutions in an atmosphere of creative interaction and fun, real change can often result.

Ongoing Consulting Services

For many companies, Buford has become a familiar face at quarterly meetings, sales kickoffs and annual conferences. As we get to know you as a client, our value to you as an outside consultant greatly increases.

Building morale, increasing team effectiveness and transforming your corporate culture are major tasks that take time and effort.We can help you to pinpoint key issues, objectives, causes and effects. We can work with you to develop a long-term strategy for growth and change. And we can develop and implement programs to implement that strategy.

Contact Fuddwhacker Consulting today, and let's start tapping into the hidden potential within your human resources!

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We also offer:

Marketing & Sales Consulting Services

Let Fuddwhacker Consulting bring new levels of creativity to your marketing efforts through:

  • Creative brainstorming meetings with your marketing team
  • Market analysis
  • Product planning & positioning
  • Marketing plans
  • Product launches
  • Marketing communications services
  • Sales strategy development
  • Sales presentation development
  • Sales coaching & training

Bring a new spark of creativity to your marketing and sales teams and use Fuddwhacker Consulting to give you a new perspective.

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