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If yew live in Atlanta, yew orta hire an Atlanta motivational speaker...
like Buford P. Fuddwhacker fer example!

Yew've probly seen ole Buford hangin owt at The Varsity or at one of the local Karaoke bars. Next time yew see me, let's tawk abowt jazzin up yer next conference, business meeting or sales meeting with a humdinger of a Fuddwhacker keynote!

Why fly in one of them high-priced, stuffy, sofisticated, city-fied speakers fer yer meetin when yew kin have a good ole down-home Atlanta motivational speaker like Buford P. Fuddwhacker?!!

It seems like I'm always on some airplane aflyin somewheres else to speak... all y'all Atlanta folks needs to hire me soze I kin stay to home once in a while! I'll even give yew a "no-fly" discount, so git a hold of me right away and say "Buford, I think I'm a gonna hire me a local yokel to speak at my meetin!."

Special offer fer folks in the Atlanta area:

I'll even go one better! Send me an email and say yew saw this special offer and I'll not only give yew my "no-fly" discount, but I'll also throw in a free 90-minute team-building mini-seminar if yew hire me to be yer keynote speaker! Now that's a deal.

By the way, if yew hire me and yew still ain't made a decision abowt where to hold yer meetin, do it up in Buford Georgia, at one of them conference hotels on Lake Lanier. Me and my ole hound dog Leroy go fishin up there ever oppertunity we git, and maybe I'll show yew some of my favrit fishin spots!

Since we're naybers, let's be frends! Let's work together to make yer next meetin in Atlanta a gigantic success!

Atlanta motivational speakers, Buford P. Fuddwhacker and Roger Reece Atlanta motivational speakers,
Buford P. Fuddwhacker and Roger Reece

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Atlanta motivational speakers like Buford and Roger are hard to come by!
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