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Team builder, Buford P. FuddwhackerBuford doesn't work alone in conducting his team building programs. Generally, about half-way through the program he removes his buck teeth, glasses and hat to reveal his partner and fellow team-builder, Roger Reece.

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Team builder, Roger ReeceRoger picks up where Buford leaves off, but brings more depth to the level of teaching. He focuses on areas such as relationships, employee morale, interpersonal communications, personality differences and conflict resolution. Roger builds on Buford's ideas and concepts, but takes the learning experience deeper through teaching and group interaction.

Roger and Buford use workbooks and team-building exercises throughout the program to cause people to really think and dig for answers and insights. The Buford & Roger team is extremely effective in making every Fuddwhacker team building program a fun and entertaining learning experience that will result in greater levels of teamwork.

Try Our Special Keynote/Team Builder Combo Package

If you're interested in increasing team spirit and you also need a keynote speaker for your next meeting, why not consider our combo package? Buford will open your meeting with an enthusiastic, motivational keynote, focusing on teamwork and win-win strategies. Then later in the day, Roger will conduct a 90-minute mini team-building seminar drawing on the concepts from Buford's keynote.

The program includes fun and challenging games and exercises, designed to bring each participant in touch with his or her personal motivators. Exercises place participants in simulations requiring teamwork, quick thinking and collaboration. The end result is an experience that is far more effective than any keynote speech by itself. Best of all, the fee for the combo package is only about 20% more than Buford's keynote by itself.

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