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Dear Mr. Reece,

I would like to personally thank you for speaking at the Family Readiness Workshop. The information you provided was very informative, and humorous, and provided important tools for participants to use in the future. We collected critiques from the attendees and here are some of the comments made about you:

"Best of the Workshop."
"Absolutely Great!"
"Very Unique"
"Terrific speaker!"
"Buford was hysterical!"
"Wonderful and entertaining!"

We asked people to rate all speakers on a scale of poor to excellent and you rated an overwhelming Excellent. In fact, Excellent wasn't a high enough rating because many people rated you Excellent and added stars and pluses. We also asked people what they liked best about the workshop and many said "Buford P. Fuddwhacker!"

Again Mr. Reece, thank you for your participation and I look forward to our working again in the future.

Natalie Bassett
Chief, Family Readiness
Air Force Reserve Command
Robins Air Force Base


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