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New technolergy from Buford: Sens-O-Phone


A while back...
I went to one of them video arcades, and much to my surprize I encountered the miracle of Virtual Reality. Some of yew knows what I'm atawkin abowt here.

Yew git up on a platform and strap some kinda belt with wires arownd yer waste and put a glove on with a lazer blaster button and then yew puts one a them video helmits over yer head. All of a sudden yer in outer space (or so yew think). Yew're blastin space teradaktyls and other fellers with lazer guns.

Yew sees yerself as some kinda cartoon spaceman and when yew turn yer body, he turns. Yew look up and yew kin see these creechures flyin above yew. Yew turn around an look back and some spacefeller is sneekin up on yew so yew blast him! We're tawkin immersion. We're tawkin almost real! Whut an experyence!

So I started athinkin, maybe I kin one-up the virtual reality folks with an invention of my own... one that's so real that it's as good as... and maybe better than reality. So I came up with a new concept and got me a trade mark on it... I call it: Versatile Reality cawse it's more versatile than that virtual reality stuff... yew kin use it fer jest abowt anything... not jest games. And, it aint jest a few of the senses... it grabs yew with all five senses (seein, hearin, smellin, tastin, feelin), fer an experience youd swear was the real thing! Got yer inerst? I should hope so... here it is...

Buford P. Fuddwhacker and Fuddwhacker Consulting proudly presents, the wurlds furst Versatile Reality telyphone... Sens-O-Phone!

Now this aint no ordinary telyphone... nosiree.

I tested it with my brother Leroy last month when we had the Fuddwhacker Famly Reunyun... and he couldnt make it cawse he was in jail. So sent him a Sens-O-Phone, and he was able to experyence a Versatile Reality dinner right there from his jail cell! He tole me he could not only hear us all a tawkin, he could see everbody, smell the food, and when he put on that glove and picked up a piece of Raylene's Versatile Reality fried chickin, he said he could feel the grease runnin down his arm! Then, when he chomped into that drumstik, he tasted the full joy of good ole Fuddwhacker home cookin!

Sound like a miracle? Yew aint heard nothin yet!

Fuddwhacker Consulting's settin up an 800 dialup service fer folks to dial into to experyence their most fondest fantasies in Versatile Reality!

Experyence yer fondest fantasy with Versatile Reality (click here!)

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