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Kill lots of time playin Tetris

Remember TETRIS?

Well, I jest happen to be a bonnyfide expert at the game.

Yew kin git as good as Buford with a little practice...

So here's yer own personal Tetris game to wyle away yer time.


Click the button below to play Tetris. A Tetris window will pop up... then press any key on yer keyboard to start playin!

Play Tetris!

Play Tetris!

Note: yew'll need one of them 4.0 or higher web browsers to work this here puzzle! (if yew ain't got one, go download one from Mikersoft or Neckscape... they're free!)


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Practice makes perfict!

Playin Tetris

I borrowed this here Tetris game to give yew somethin to do if yew got lots of time to kill.

Jest in case yew don't know how to play Tetris, heres the instrukshuns:

The objict of the game is not to lose! Yew lose if the black box fills up with blocks.
Funny shaped blocks starts to drop down and yew want to fill up all the space at the bottom of the box. If yew kin squeeze the blocks in on a row so's they's no empty spaces, the whole row'll disappear. That's good. If yew kin make each row disappear, yew'll win. But to do it yew gotta be quick with yer hand and specially with yer brain. When a block starts comin down, yew kin move it side to side and turn it ever which-way... hopefully to fill in all the spaces in the rows at the bottom. Here's how yew move each block whilst it's fallin:

  • Move left or right with yer left/right curser arrow (or the J/L keys)
  • Rotate block with yer up curser arrow (or the I key)

If yer rilly quick yew kin see the next block thats abowt to come in the upper right corner!

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