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Motivational speaker, humorist & country philosopher
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Motivational speaker, Buford Fuddwhacker

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humorist and motivator Buford's a knee-slappin, down-home motivational speaker who'll turn your meeting topsy-turvy with laughter and music as well as an inspiring message. Great keynotes make successful meetings

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Freefall Buford

Lighten up your next event
with a truckload of
down-home country humor, good old fashioned fun
and high-energy inspiration, Fuddwhacker style!

Buford is one of a kind. Your audience won't know what to make of him when he takes over the meeting. But within minutes, he'll have the whole group on their feet, singing, dancing and taking part in a totally unique "Fuddwhacker Experience."

Don't let time slip away

That meeting or conference
is just around the corner!

Contact Buford now, and let's work together to make this one your best meeting ever!

Roger Reece:
the man behind the geek

Buford P. Fuddwhacker is a one-of-a-kind, dynamic speaker who knows how to deliver a powerful, inspirational message... but don't let his country bumpkin persona fool you. Behind that geeky exterior is Roger Reece, MBA, motivational speaker and former business executive with over 25 years of public speaking and team-building experience.

Whether your interest is in a one-hour keynote or a two-day seminar, Roger will work with you to design a customized program that meets your needs. He'll make sure that Buford's keynote contains just the right blend of humor, entertainment and solid, challenging content. In longer programs, Roger teams up with Buford to deliver highly effective seminars, team building and training programs that bring lasting results.

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